Crypto Dice 101

crypto dice 101


The reason dice are so popular is that it’s so simple!
Here is how it works, Steps 1, 2 and 3 can be done in any order.

  1. Enter your bet size.
  2. Enter a number between 0-100 you will bet to roll over or under.
  3. Selecting if you want to try to roll over or under the number you selected in step 2.
  4. Roll a number between 0-100.
    • If your bet wins you get paid according to the bet’s probability less the house edge.
    • If your bet loses there is no payout.


Bet size: 1 m฿
Number to roll over or under 50
Over or under: Over
Case 1 – Roll: 78
78 is over 50 so your bet is won. It had a 50% probability, and the house edge is 1% so your payout is 1.98 m฿ and you won 0.98 m฿. See how that is calculated below.
Case 2 – Roll: 12
12 is under 50 so your bet is lost. There is no payout and you lost 1 m฿.

Payout, profit and house edge

The site will show the potential payout or profit for any bet parameters you enter before you make the bet. To understand it fully there are 3 components;
Bet amount
You set this.
This is easy to work out because the possible range of roll outcomes, 0-100, matches perfectly to percentages.
Where x is the number you will choose to roll over or under. You have x probability of rolling under x, for example.

  • Rolling under 50 is a 50% probability
  • Rolling under 70 is a 70% probability
  • Rolling under 30 is a 30% probability

You have a 100 – x probability of rolling over x, for example

  • Rolling over 50 is a 50% probability
  • Rolling over 70 is a 30% probability
  • Rolling over 30 is a 70% probability

House edge
This is almost always 1%, which gives a payout of 99% of probability.

Payout multiplier

You can work everything out with the 3 things listed above but to make it simpler we combine the probability and the house edge to give you a payout multiplayer. The payout multiplier is

(Payout % / probability of winning)

Almost every crypto dice site has a 1% house edge. This means you will get paid 99% of the probability of winning. Let’s say you bet that you will roll under 25, you have a 25% probability of winning so your payout multiplier will be
99 / 25 = 3.96

Payout calculation

Bet amount * payout multiplier = payout

So if you bet 2 m฿ with a 3.96 payout multiplier your payout will be
2 m฿ * 3.96 = 7.92 m฿


Remember that 2 m฿ of that payout was yours to start with so subtract it from your payout to work out your profit.

payout – bet amount = profit

For this bet
7.92 m฿ – 2 m฿ = 5.92 m฿

So the full profit calculation is
bet amount * (payout %/chance of winning) – bet amount = profit

For this bet that is
2 m฿ * (99/25%) – 2 m฿ = 5.92

How can I know the site is not ripping me off?

Please see our page about provably fair gambling.

Is it legal?

Please see our page crypto gambling laws.

What about investing in the house bank?

Please visit our page house bank investment explained.

Where should I play?

Please check our crypto dice reviews.
Good luck and have fun!

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