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What We Do?

At Bitedge, we create a range of crypto sports betting resources. We offer crypto sportsbook reviews, sports betting guides, and betting tools. We use crypto sports betting experts to craft every piece of content on our site. As a result, everything you can read at Bitedge has experience and knowledge behind it.

We Do Not Give Financial Advice

We do not provide bettors with financial advice. It’s not our remit to do this, we’re not financial advisors. What we do is cover the available information. It’s then down to the reader to decide how they process the details. So, when creating a sportsbook review, we craft the data surrounding the site into something easy to digest.

Bettors must understand we never give investment advice in our reviews and guides. All we do is collate the relevant information to allow bettors to be better informed. It’s also essential to understand how betting strategies work. They are methods of controlling a bankroll which can improve the chances of success. They do not guarantee a win. There is no method which can guarantee a gambling win. Bettors must understand this fact, and any site claiming to guarantee wins is peddling misinformation.

The same concept applies to betting guides. We use stats and figures to inform our guides, but this does not guarantee a win. Instead, it provides what we feel is the statistically best chance of creating a win. There is a distinct difference between a guarantee and a statistical likelihood.

Data Accuracy

We aim to make Bitedge as accurate as possible. However, ensuring it retains perfect accuracy 100% of the time is impossible. Due to the constant evolution of the sports betting market, there are regular changes to many different factors. We attempt to keep sportsbook details, such as bonuses and accepted cryptocurrencies, as up-to-date as possible, but there may be times when some of our information is outdated.

We update our sportsbook reviews regularly, so while some details may be incorrect for a short period, we endeavour to correct anomalies as soon as possible. Any statistical data in a betting guide is accurate at the time of publishing. As a result, it’s the reader’s responsibility to check the publishing date of betting guides to ensure they relate to current sporting events.

It’s beyond the expectations of Bitedge as an entity to be responsible for how readers understand and interpret the information we provide. We never provide financial advice, and our information is purely informational.

Readers can find more information at our terms and conditions page.