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Best Olympics Betting Sites – May 2024

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List of the Best Betting Sites for the Paris 2024 Olympics

  1. Stake – Best overall Paris Olympics 2024 betting site
  2. BC.Game – Best welcome offer for new bettors
  3. – Best app for mobile betting

Sportsbooks Reviewed

Find out more details on each of our best crypto gambling sites for Paris 2024 Olympics betting below:

1. Stake – Best Overall Paris Olympics 2024 Betting Site

Stake offers a comprehensive sportsbook with competitive odds. Based on our calculations, the odd margins are around 5% to 7% on average. However, we mainly commend the 35+ sports categories on the site, as it ensures you’ll get many games during Paris 2024. You won’t get a mobile app when you sign up with Stake, but the mobile site is dependable.

  • Pros


  • Thumbs-Up Supports 35+ sports categories
  • Thumbs-Up Relatively fair 5 to 7% odd margins
  • Thumbs-Up Multiple rewarding promotions for existing bettors
  • Cons


  • Thumbs-Down No mobile app to install
Stake sportsbook review

2.BC.Game – Best Welcome Offer for New Bettors

With BC.Game, you get 30+ sports categories for betting, which is undoubtedly impressive. But what’s more impressive is the welcome bonus package that rewards up to 22,000 BCD from your first four deposits. As you continue betting with the crypto sportsbook, you’ll get more worthwhile offers to claim. That said, know that you can only use the BC.Game responsive and optimized website on mobile, as the platform has no mobile app.

  • Pros


  • Thumbs-Up Massive welcome bonus of up to 220,000 BCD
  • Thumbs-Up Wide range of crypto coins are available
  • Thumbs-Up More than 30 sports betting categories
  • Cons


  • Thumbs-Down Deposit bonus wagering is somewhat complex

3. – Best App for Mobile Betting

The website lets you bet on over 40 sports categories. That’s a significant benefit, but the primary reason we recommend is its mobile app. The app is available for download and installation on Android, and it houses all features of the desktop website. If you choose to sign up with, you can leverage several promotions, from the Predict and Win to MultiBoost and cashback offers.

  • Pros


  • Thumbs-Up Android mobile betting app available
  • Thumbs-Up 40+ sports betting categories
  • Thumbs-Up Wide range of markets for different events
  • Cons


  • Thumbs-Down No specific welcome bonus offer sportsbook

All About Olympics 2024

Whenever it’s Olympic season, there’s always a global buzz, as no other sporting event assembles as many athletes as the Games. The events are organized every four years, consisting of multiple sports and participating countries worldwide. Everyone has a simple target: to win gold medals.

The upcoming Summer Olympics in 2024 is set to take place in Paris, France, from July 26th to August 11th.The events will commence with an opening ceremony at the Jardins du Trocadero and the Seine. Notably, Paris has previously hosted the games in 1900 and 1924. So, this will be the third time for the prestigious city, putting it equal to Great Britain.

How Many Teams Qualified for the Olympics?

Building up to the start of the 2024 Olympics, available statistics indicate that there will be 206 participating countries and 10,500 athletes. Additionally, the Games will feature competitions in 32 sports in a variety of niches. So, regardless of your preferences as a sports fan, you’re sure to find exciting events to follow.

The Olympic qualification process is determined by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Federations (IFs) that govern each sport. It typically involves:

  • Individual Qualification: Athletes must meet specific criteria based on their sports during the qualifying and ranking period. This also involves achieving higher positions in the World Athletics Ranking.
  • National Olympic Committee (NOC) Selection: The athletes that satisfy the standards set by their sport’s IF become eligible for selection by their National Olympic Committee (NOC). It’s country by country, so some NOCs may have additional qualification criteria.

Who Has Won the Most Medals at the Olympics?

Looking at past events, the United States has garnered the most medals in the history of the Summer Olympics. At the Winter editions, the US comes second, while Norway sits in first position. However, we’ll focus on the Summer Olympics since it’s the category for Paris 2024.

The United States has received gold medals in multiple sports at the Summer Olympics a record 2,629 times. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1,061 gold
  • 830 silver
  • 738 bronze

After the United States comes the Soviet Union. The country no longer exists, but while it did, athletes won a total of 1,010 medals. Great Britain is third with 918, China is fourth with 638, while France comes fifth with 751. Notably, China ranks ahead of France because the Asian country has won more gold medals. You can back these top countries when betting on Paris 2024 events. While making your picks, check out the latest free bets and betting offers offered by our top-tier crypto sportsbooks.

olympics 2024

How Do the Olympic Games Work?

We’ve mentioned that the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will feature over 10,000 athletes in over 30 sports. You may be wondering how it all works, considering the many events on schedule. Well, you can learn all about the mechanics of the Olympic Games below:

Host City Voting

This is handled by the IOC after several cities submit bids to host the Olympics. Considering the weight of the events, every potential host must have a detailed plan of how they intend to organize the games. Subsequently, the IOC reviews the proposals and decides on the best.

Selection of Sports and Events

It may sound surprising, but there are 8,000 sports worldwide, with 200 having international recognition. However, as mentioned, only 32 will be in the 2024 Olympics. The IOC will also evaluate and decide on sports that will feature in the events. Based on our findings, the primary requirement is that the sport is governed by an international federation recognized by the IOC.

Competition and Medals

Here’s where the action gets underway in the Olympic Games. Athletes and countries compete in different sports in multiple locations in the host city. After each event ends, the best athletes and teams are awarded medals: gold, silver, and bronze. There’s always a small ceremony where each of the three medal winners comes up to the podium.

Before the events start, the IOC always releases a detailed timetable featuring all schedules. From our studies of the previous Summer Olympics, the events only take days. To illustrate, all events at Paris 2024 will take place within two weeks and four days.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The Olympic Games, Summer or Winter, officially kick off with an opening ceremony. It’s a notable event where athletes from qualifying countries go on a parade. Additionally, the Olympic cauldron is lit by the Torch while the Olympic Flag is raised.

More often than not, the ceremony also features entertainment performances. The Paris 2024 Olympics is set to deliver a memorable opening ceremony outside the stadium. It’s the first time such a thing will happen in history, and the parade will cut across river routes with 160 boats.

At the end of the Games, there’ll also be a closing ceremony. That of Paris 2024 will take place at Stade de France. Among the memorable events that’ll occur is the lowering of the Olympic Flag. The city of Paris will then pass the flag on to Los Angeles—the host of the 2028 edition.

Significance of the Olympic Games

There’s no debate that the Olympic Games are significant for any host country. After winning the bid, the city typically has to improve the necessary infrastructure to organize the sports events. As the competitions commence, there’ll be an influx of tourists, which adds to the host location’s revenue.

The Summer Olympics doesn’t benefit the host city alone but also the world at large. All participating countries and athletes have to work together to make the games a success. Therefore, there’s massive international cooperation, which benefits global interests.

Live Betting

If you miss submitting your bets before the start of any event at Paris 2024, there’s no need to worry. You can still wager via live or in-play betting. This is a prevalent feature in the sports betting industry, and it’s present at the best sportsbooks on our toplist.

When discussing live betting dynamics in sports betting, the topic always involves fluctuating odds. The same applies to the Olympics, but there’s an additional consideration to have in mind. Per our experience, the real-time adjustments and changes in in-play betting markets are much more diverse when betting on Olympic events. The primary reason is that there are sport-specific variations.

Generally, the betting odds and lines will change rapidly based on the performance of athletes or teams. However, the happenings that influence the changes will differ from football to swimming, gymnastics, track and field, and other sports in the Olympics. Since each sport offers unique dynamics, you’ll have to quickly adapt your live betting strategies accordingly.

Nevertheless, you can get the best out of Olympics live betting by prioritizing real-time statistics, athletes’ strength/fatigue, and game momentum. We don’t advise wagering on market odds simply because there’s a spike. Instead, tread carefully and allow objective insights to dictate your predictions.

Types of Bets

The diverse range of markets for various Olympic events is one reason Paris 2024 betting is exciting. As advised, allow your research and analysis to determine the correct prediction and bet type. That said, if you’re interested in knowing the available options, check out the most popular ones below:

How We Rate & Review the Best Olympics 2024 Betting Sites

You can trust the crypto sportsbooks on our toplist to provide first-rate options for Paris 2024 Olympics betting. Before selecting each one, we take time and caution to analyze them based on several quality criteria. For emphasis, our rating and review process covers licensing, security, available markets, payment methods, mobile optimization, and customer support. Our experts prioritize these factors, and we ultimately recommend Bitcoin betting platforms that score high on each one.

How to Sign Up at a Sportsbook?

After selecting your preferred Paris 2024 Olympics betting site from our toplist, you can create an account within minutes. Here are the five steps involved:

How to Bet on Olympic Games With Crypto?

With registration completed, the next step is betting on the Paris 2024 Olympics events. The procedure is seamless, as we confirmed while testing the best crypto sportsbook. Here’s what you have to do:

The Advantages of Using a Crypto Betting Site for Olympics 2024

Based on our expertise, betting with crypto coins like BTC introduces many worthwhile upsides. We’ve listed the essential ones below:

The Best Betting Sites for Summer Olympics 2024

Stake Casino logo Stake Casino
BC.Game Casino logo BC.Game Casino
4.9/5 logo
Bonus Daily Races, Weekly Raffles & Double Winnings BONUS FOR EVERY DEPOSIT UP TO 360% Spin & Win 5x5000 USDT & NBA Free Bets
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32+ Methods
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Hints and Tips for Successful Betting

Results at the Olympic Games can be challenging to predict, considering the high variance between the different sports. For this reason, you’ll want to optimize your chances by following helpful betting tips. Thankfully, we’ve also researched to uncover the most dependable ones for Paris 2024, which you’ll find below:

  • Monitor the betting lines: This first tip involves tracking odds at the crypto sportsbook you sign up with. Precisely, track the odds of favorite countries and athletes of each event and identify any rapid drop or gain. Then, research the reason behind the shift to know if it affects the probability of the favorites winning.
  • Narrow your perspective: With many sports in the Olympic Games, you may be tempted to bet on any event you come across. We don’t advise such. On the contrary, our expert tip is to pinpoint sports you’re better at predicting and stick to them.
  • Track the weather: Depending on the sport in question, weather can significantly affect how athletes perform at Paris 2024. For instance, very warm weather can fatigue sprinters more quickly during races. Such occurrences can influence the results, so you factor it into your betting. The good thing is that there are many reporting tools on which to bank.
  • Bet objectively: Your country may be participating in the Olympic Games, or perhaps you’re a fan of one of the star athletes. However, don’t allow your emotions to influence your picks. Instead, rely only on objective analysis and research.
  • Follow the events: Don’t just place your bet and say goodbye to the Olympics until the events conclude. We recommend following the sports schedules day after day. You get to learn more about how the competitions work, which can be valuable for future betting predictions. Plus, you can only leverage real-time live betting markers when you follow the events as they happen.

Expert Analysis and Predictions for Summer Olympics 2024

Let’s look at some popular sports in the Olympics in 2024 and analyze predictions on who will potentially perform best:

Athletics and Gymnastics

For these sports events, the United States is the country predicted to record the best results. As mentioned before, the nation has won the highest number of medals, and it’s expected to replicate this success in 2024. For emphasis, the United States has won 820+ medals in Athletics alone during previous Olympic editions.

If you’re betting on sprinting events, you’ll want to consider Jamaica—Usain Bolt’s country. Meanwhile, in terms of distance running, Ethiopia and Kenya are the teams we anticipate will emerge with the most wins.

Regarding gymnastics, no other country is challenging Japan. The Asian nation has been at the forefront of men’s competitions for years, notably winning gold in the last Summer Olympics. Meanwhile, for women’s gymnastics events, consider the United States and Russia while betting.


For this prediction, we analyzed the current ATP World Rankings. Based on our findings, Djokovic, Sinner, and Alcaraz are the top three to win the men’s tournament. Meanwhile, Swiatek ranks number one, followed by Osaka and Sabalenka.

Notably, Osaka isn’t featured in the top rankings since she’s been out for a prolonged break. However, the talented player will make her return to pro tennis at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Considering her past performances at the Games, there’s no ruling out that she’s a top contender.


Our prediction here is mainly on the men’s competition. Looking at FIFA rankings, Argentina and France are the best countries in world football, and they’re expected to be top contenders in the Olympics. However, France has a younger squad than Argentina, and the tournament is only open to U-23.

Consequently, the French team are the number one favorites to get the gold medal in the men’s football tournament. Besides their talented squad, France is the host country, so they’ll have massive fan support.


Without question, basketball is a team dominated by the United States. So, you can bet on the USA for both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Statistics show that three of the last four Olympic gold medals in men’s basketball went to the States. Plus, the USA women’s basketball team are the current FIBA World Cup champions after lifting the trophy in 2022.

Away from the United States, other countries to consider for men’s basketball include Serbia, France, and Slovenia. For the women’s tournament, China, Australia, and Canada are also strong teams.


Kickstart your Paris 2024 Olympics betting journey with the best sites we recommend. These sportsbooks accommodate hundreds of markets for the Games and will cover most events. Additionally, you get exciting bonuses, fast payments, and many other mentionable features for an optimal experience.

After selecting your ideal crypto sportsbook on our list, don’t forget to apply the recommended tips, hints, and strategies while making your bets. You can also count on our expert predictions and analysis for different sports to guide your predictions.


What sports can I bet on during the Olympics?

You can bet on up to 32 sports during the Olympics. The most popular ones include football, basketball, gymnastics, track and field, volleyball, handball, and tennis.

What bets can I make on Olympic sports?

You can make a variety of bets on Olympic sports. Some top options to consider include moneyline, spread, totals, props, and futures bets.

Is Olympic betting legal?

Yes, Olympic betting is legal if you reside where online gambling is permitted. Ensure you pick a legit and licensed sportsbook, and you’re good to go.


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