Crypto Anonymous Sports Betting Sites


Anonymous betting is a significant aspect of crypto betting. Most bettors understand the level of privacy crypto offers, which is significantly above what traditional fiat betting offers. However, not all bettors realize privacy is available at sportsbooks too. Our guide covers all aspects of anonymous betting and what players can expect when signing up for a crypto sportsbook.

Become an expert on anonymous betting and make the most of privacy with our comprehensive guide. Players who want to stay under the radar won’t want to miss this.

Top Anonymous Betting Sites

  1. Nitrobetting – Best Overall Anonymous Crypto Sportsbook
  2. BC.Game – Best Sportsbook for Free Crypto
  3. Club Riches – Best for VIP Scheme
  4. Crashino – Best for Trying Provably Fair Games
  5. Cloudbet – Best for Crypto Choice
  6. Trust Dice – Best for Play-To-Earn Features
  7. Bitsler – Best for Good Value Odds
  8. Betcoin – Best for Market Selection
  9. N1Bet – Best for Live Betting
  10. 888Starz – Best for Mobile Play

Anonymous Betting Sites Reviewed

1. Nitrobetting – Best Overall Anonymous Crypto Sportsbook

Nitrobetting can sometimes slip through the net for top anonymous crypto sportsbooks. Part of the reason for this is it’s not got the market penetration of other big sportsbooks. However, it provides anonymous play to bettors as long as they behave legitimately. So, sensible crypto players can stay anonymous with Nitrobetting, even though KYC is possible. So, why should it sit at the top of our list?

We feel Nitrobetting is number one because of its overall service. Players have an excellent sports betting bonus, which many sites ignore. A 25 mBTC matched bonus with just 17x wagering is fantastic for low-budget sports bettors. Nitrobetting backs this up with some great additional promotions, which sports players can claim. It also has an excellent selection of crypto betting choices, with plenty of sports markets and a crypto casino.

As we have already covered, the KYC policy is quite lenient with Nitrobetting. Players don’t have to complete KYC when signing up, which provides instant anonymity. If players are legitimate, Nitrobetting won’t request KYC. Finally, even if players do have to provide personal details, the BTC payments ensure payment info remains private.

nitrobetting homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to 25 mBTC 17x 0.0005 BTC 1


  • Players can retain anonymity of payments
  • Legitimate behaviour will retain personal anonymity
  • Positive welcome bonus for sports bettors
  • Superb choice of sports and markets for betting


  • KYC is a possibility depending on player actions

2. BC.Game – Best Sportsbook for Free Crypto

The benefits of playing at BC.Game stands out above many other crypto sportsbooks. In terms of features, it covers every angle. However, it hits the top two on our toplist because it caters to players on any budget. The ability to claim free crypto daily at BC.Game means even players without a budget have the opportunity to begin sports betting.

The free crypto is available with the daily bonus wheel. Players spin the wheel, and players receive a crypto bonus. Although it’s regularly a small amount, it can hit as high as 1 BTC. The bonus also has no wagering, so it’s fantastic for players looking to bet on sports with little outlay. BC.Game also has superb sports betting and an excellent crypto casino. It ensures a full range of betting options for anonymous crypto players.

The KYC policy at BC.Game is a grey area for players. Although the site tends to leave crypto players alone, there is the possibility the site will request KYC information. However, it’s typically only when players act suspiciously, so anonymous play is possible with BC.Game.


Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
Daily wheel spin up to 1 BTC N/A $10 18


  • Daily bonus wheel provides up to 1 BTC in rewards
  • No wagering requirements on the bonus wheel
  • Potential for anonymous play
  • Top-class selection of sports betting markets


  • Doesn’t feature sports betting promotions

3. Club Riches – Best for VIP Scheme

Club Riches is an excellent crypto sportsbook. Although it doesn’t provide the ability to play anonymously regarding personal information, crypto payments allow for financial anonymity. The VIP scheme helps Club Riches attract players, as it rewards loyalty. There are some fantastic bonuses ensuring sports bettors can boost their bankroll. There’s also a superb welcome bonus which provides a 100% matched bonus of up to $200 with 50x wagering requirements.

The sports betting choice is outstanding for anonymous bettors. Everything from soccer to the NBA to the NFL is available here, with each sport having a range of markets. There are also some fantastic crypto casino games, so the option is there if players fancy a change from betting on sports.

Unfortunately, players have to complete KYC with Club Riches. While this does remove personal anonymity, players can still protect their financial transactions by using crypto. It means banks are unaware of how the player is using their funds.

clubriches sportsbook home

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to $200 50x $15 3


  • Superb selection of VIP bonuses
  • 100% matched bonus for new players
  • Superb selection of different sports markets
  • Crypto casino games are also available


  • Players have to complete KYC when signing up

4. Crashino – Best for Trying Provably Fair Games

Crypto has been driving innovation within the tech world for a while now. It’s partly why it goes hand-in-hand with iGaming, as it, too, has driven several innovations. One significant innovation is the development of provably fair games. They allow players to prove whether a game behaves fairly, which is a valuable feature. Crashino offers a superb selection of provably fair games, which helps it to fourth place in our toplist.

Although the provably fair games are great, the sports betting options genuinely bring in the bettors. Crashino has a fantastic range of sports options and fantastic markets. With everything it offers, Crashino is a superb choice for bettors who want a lot of variety.

Another fantastic selling point of Crashino is the ability to play anonymously. It ensures players can enjoy betting options without worrying about losing privacy.

Crashino sportsbook homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% Multi Bonus N/A $10 12


  • Players can retain complete anonymity with Crashino
  • Fantastic choice of provably fair games
  • Sports choice and market options are excellent
  • Excellent welcome bonus is available


  • Wagering requirements are set at a high level

5. Cloudbet – Best for Crypto Choice

Having variety in crypto selection is vital to bettors. With more players having diverse portfolios, the ability to bet with a range of cryptocurrencies can be essential. Cloudbet makes sure players can play with over 20 different options, ensuring it’s open to everyone. Cloudbet also has a fantastic welcome bonus, which provides players with up to 5 BTC as a matched bonus.

It also features a superb selection of sports. Cloudbet has one of the widest sports choices available. With fantastic markets allow bettors to find good betting value with relative ease.

One downside to Cloudbet is the KYC requirements it has in place. Players must provide personal information when signing up, which removes personal anonymity. Financial anonymity is still possible due to the ability to play with crypto.


Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to 5 BTC Unlocked over time 0.001 BTC 23


  • Best selection of cryptocurrencies on the market
  • Incredible choice of sports betting markets
  • Welcome bonus has an innovative wagering process
  • Crypto payouts are instant


  • Players have to complete KYC so can only protect financial anonymity

6. Trust Dice – Best for Play-to-Earn Features

Trust Dice allows players to stake crypto, another revenue stream. So, even if players are struggling with a poor run of bets, Trust Dice ensures players can still earn. It’s an excellent feature that many sites ignore. The staking works through tokens which Trust Dice awards whenever players place a bet. Bettors are able to stake the tokens, which will then earn bonuses.

Obviously, the ability to earn passive income is a positive, Trust Dice is more than just staking. It also offers a fantastic range of different sports. Players can enjoy basketball, football, eSports, and more with Trust Dice. Each event also has a superb choice of markets, so bettors can create prop bets and parlays.

Trust Dice provides total anonymity to players. It’s excellent to have this option, as crypto puts a lot of stock in anonymous usage. Not all sites offer complete privacy, but it’s ideal to see it at Trust Dice.

trustdice homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
225% up to 30,000 USDT 40x 10 USDT 4


  • Substantial welcome bonus for new players
  • No KYC means players can protect anonymity
  • Ability to stake crypto to earn more rewards
  • Superb overall crypto sports betting selection


  • Has significant wagering requirements on the welcome bonus

7. Bitsler – Best for Good Value Odds

Good value odds are essential for bettors who want to be successful. Placing bets with poor odds means the payout won’t be as positive even if the bet wins. It means players should look for the best odds they can find. Bitsler makes it easier for players due to the excellent overall odds it offers. Bitsler doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, but it provides a different form of bonus. Players can claim weekly free bets, offering risk-free betting choices.

Bitsler has excellent options for sports bettors. It covers popular sports but also covers niche betting choices. Players can bet on eSports, virtual sports, and even yachting, making it a fantastic choice. With a superb choice of markets, it ensures bettors have a comprehensive selection.

There’s no KYC when creating an account with Bitsler, but a request is possible further down the line. It means anonymity is possible at Bitsler, but it’s not guaranteed. Players should be aware of this when creating an account.

Bitsler homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
N/A N/A 0.0001 BTC 17


  • Fantastic selection of sports betting odds
  • More than 1,000 free bets each week
  • Top-class selection of available sports
  • The market choice is excellent


  • No welcome bonus available

8. Betcoin – Best for Market Selection

The choice of markets is vital for bettors who want to find good value. Without a solid selection of markets, players can’t find the best bet for each situation. For example, without an over/under market, any research on this topic would be useless. Betcoin provides a fantastic market selection, making it a perfect site for players conducting research. There are more than 100 markets for the most popular sports, but even more minor sports have huge market choices. Players can claim up to 100 m฿ as a welcome bonus with very low wagering requirements of 15x.

The sport choice is fantastic at Betcoin, players have plenty of sports to be on. The tremendous market selection ensures one of the best choices for bettors who dedicate a lot of time to finding the best bets.

KYC isn’t a part of the sign-up process with Betcoin. So, anonymous players can enjoy Betcoin without worrying about losing their privacy.


Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
50% up to 100 m฿ 15x $10 11


  • Brilliant choice of crypto betting choices
  • Wagering requirements are only 15x
  • Anonymous play is available to players
  • Betcoin processes crypto payments instantly


  • Big range of countries with restrictions

9. N1Bet – Best for Live Betting

Live betting is one of the most under-appreciated forms of betting. Many players ignore it due to not fully understanding how it can be beneficial. However, it’s one of the most effective ways to find good value with bets, especially for knowledgeable bettors. N1Bet has some of the best live betting choices, making it perfect for players who want to find the best value bets. It has a welcome bonus on players’ first deposit, offering a 20% matched free bet. Perfect for players who want to expand their betting options.

Sports choice is outstanding at N1Bet, covering popular and niche options. As a result, bettors can bet on everything from soccer to volleyball. It also has superb markets, which combine well with the live betting selection.

N1Bet does have a KYC policy, so players may have to complete the process. However, N1Bet tends to leave players alone as long as they don’t behave suspiciously.

n1bet sports

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
20% free bet on initial deposit for sports bettors No Wagering 0.0001 BTC 6


  • Fantastic live betting options
  • Good choice of crypto options
  • No wagering requirements for the free bet welcome bonus
  • Great range of different betting markets


  • Players can’t always speak to a real person with the live chat

10. 888Starz – Best for Mobile Play

With mobile play becoming the most popular gaming method, it’s no surprise to see crypto sportsbooks offering mobile sites. However, most sites provide a mobile browser site rather than an app. 888Starz takes a different road with a fantastic mobile app for iOS and Android players. It’s excellent to see the development of a dedicated mobile app, as it provides an optimized experience. With a 100% matched bet available, there’s a lot for new players to like about 888Starz.

There is a huge selection of sports available at 888Starz. It covers almost every choice any player could think of, which is great. There’s also an incredible selection of markets, making choosing the right bet a simple task.

888Starz has a KYC policy but doesn’t consistently enforce it. As long as players behave sensibly, it won’t ask for a KYC check. So, although anonymity isn’t a guarantee, players do have the potential to remain private.

888start homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to $150 5x 0.0000001 BTC 9


  • Players can play with both an iOS and Android app
  • Wagering requirements are tiny on the welcome bonus
  • The welcome bonus provides a 100% matched deposit
  • Players can retain financial privacy


  • The live chat is relatively low-quality

Introduction to Anonymous Crypto Betting

Anonymous crypto betting is a relatively simple concept to understand. It’s the process of players betting on sports using crypto while remaining anonymous. Although it sounds simple, it’s not always easy to do. Traditional sportsbooks expect players to complete KYC checks when signing up. It instantly removes anonymity and makes it hard to remain private. Things become even more complicated when fiat payments are the only transaction method. Players must provide banking information, removing financial privacy and personal anonymity.

Crypto sports betting offers an alternative for players. Although some crypto sportsbooks require bettors to complete KYC, players can still retain financial anonymity if they use crypto. As a result, even sites with a KYC policy can still allow players to play with some form of anonymity. However, some crypto betting sites don’t ask for personal information from players. So, total anonymity is possible with some crypto sportsbooks.

With additional benefits such as faster transfers and higher levels of security, anonymous crypto betting is one of the best ways for sports bettors to place their bets.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a BTC Sportsbook

It’s often difficult for players to choose the best crypto sportsbook. The sheer amount of options saturates the market, meaning players almost have too many choices. With this in mind, we have made it simpler for our players to find the best site. With our toplist providing the best sites on the market, it’s easy for beginner players to select a high-quality site. However, players who want to understand precisely what we look for in a quality crypto sportsbook must look through our detailed guide.

Reputation and Trust

A solid reputation is a must for any crypto sportsbook. With a poor reputation, it’s instantly apparent the site hasn’t been treating players correctly. As such, it’s vital to check the site’s reputation otherwise, players could choose an untrustworthy sportsbook.

Payment Options

Cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest-growing aspects of the payment sector. So, there can be a vast range of choices available to players. As a result, bettors must research whether their chosen crypto is available. If the sportsbook doesn’t offer the crypto, the bettor must play elsewhere.


It should go without saying, but security is critical when choosing a sportsbook. With poor security, players aren’t able to trust the website. Personal data, payment information, and identity fraud are just some issues that can arise. Bettors must research the security when creating a sportsbook account.

Restricted Countries

Access to crypto sportsbooks can be a grey area. Some sites operate in legally murky waters. It’s due to the regulation, which can sometimes be thin on the ground with crypto. As a result, not all sites can operate in all jurisdictions. Bettors must check if they’re able to play before creating an account. While VPN usage is a possibility, it may break the terms and conditions, which has additional risks.

Sports, Lines, and Odds Available

A good range of sports should be one of the first things bettors research. If the sportsbook doesn’t cover the sport the player wants, what’s the point of signing up? Players must make sure they can bet on their chosen sport. On top of this, there has to be a good market selection. Moneyline bets aren’t the only game in town anymore, so bettors require an excellent choice of markets. Additionally, the odds have to be of a good standard. Poor odds make it challenging to turn a profit.


Many crypto players want to remain anonymous. If they’re unable to do so, it can be a deal-breaker. Players have to check on the anonymity level before starting the sign-up process. Any crypto sportsbook should be okay if a player is happy with financial anonymity. However, if they want complete anonymity, a site without a KYC policy will be necessary if they want total anonymity.

VIP Programs, Bonuses, and Promotions

Being able to claim a bonus can be an appealing aspect of a crypto sportsbook. It’s essential to check on the bonuses available, though. It’s not just about whether the bonus is big enough. Players should also check if it has fair wagering and if there are any time limits.

Payout Time

Crypto is well-known for providing fast payouts. Despite this, some crypto sportsbooks slow payouts down with processing time. Bettors must check the processing time before signing up. By doing this, they can fully understand how long it will take to access their funds.

The Benefits of Crypto Anonymous Betting

Players have many benefits when betting with crypto. However, not all players are aware of the available benefits. It’s especially pertinent to new players who haven’t fully appreciated crypto yet. So, anyone new to crypto should read our list of crypto benefits.

Fiat’s Value is Diminishing

It’s becoming more evident by the day fiat doesn’t have the same power it once had. The value is dropping regularly, and crypto is becoming stronger each year. New players will feel the full benefit of crypto.

Higher Privacy

Anyone looking for anonymous play will be aware of the higher level of privacy with crypto. Even bettors who have to hand over their personal information can protect their financial details with crypto. It’s the most practical way to protect personal data.

Fewer Geographical Restrictions

Crypto allows players to avoid certain geographical restrictions. For example, some sites make betting with certain bank accounts impossible. There are no geographical tags with crypto, so players can avoid those restrictions.

Rapid Payouts and Higher Limits

Crypto payments are almost immediate. As a result, players can access their funds faster than any other method. So, players looking for the fastest way to access their funds should make crypto their method of choice.

Financial Independence

While it may not be the case with all governments, some governments look to infringe on the liberty of their citizens. Crypto allows citizens to avoid this issue. Governments can’t freeze funds if users play with crypto, whereas a government can freeze fiat funds. While it won’t offer protection from all attempts to impede society, the ability to access funds is vital for personal safety.

Low Fees

Sending funds between countries can be expensive. However, with crypto, it doesn’t recognize the country of each user. As a result, it’s the same cost to send funds next door or 10,000 miles away.

Better Bonuses

Crypto bonuses are far more impressive than fiat bonuses. In fact, bonuses are hitting 5 BTC and above at some crypto sportsbooks. It’s significantly higher than any traditional sportsbook. So, high-roller players can get much more from a crypto betting site than any other.


The Drawbacks of Crypto Anonymous Betting

Crypto isn’t perfect. While we’re colossal crypto and crypto betting advocates, we can’t lie and claim it is without faults. So, for anyone looking to mitigate crypto risks, we’ve compiled a collection of the most critical risks.

Lack of Regulation

Crypto doesn’t have the same level of regulation as fiat currency. It’s part of what provides the higher levels of freedom it offers. However, with a lack of regulation also comes fewer protections. Bettors should know they won’t get any backing from financial authorities if they have a problem with a crypto payment.

No Chargebacks

Crypto payments are permanent. Unless you persuade the other person to send the funds back, you won’t be able to charge back any mistakenly sent funds. So, bettors should always be entirely sure before sending any funds. On top of this, they must ensure they enter the correct address. Bettors will lose the funds forever if they send them to the wrong address.


Crypto can be volatile. It’s part of what’s made it so profitable for many people. However, the volatility can also be damaging. If crypto prices fall overnight, bettors can lose without placing a bet. Players have to know how to deal with a volatile market when playing with crypto.

How to Bet Anonymously with Crypto?

Betting anonymously with crypto isn’t a challenge. Players must follow our simple steps:

  1. Find the most suitable anonymous crypto betting site with our toplist
  2. Create an account at the chosen site
  3. Deposit to the site and claim the welcome bonus
  4. Find the best bets and select a stake
  5. Confirm the bet
  6. Wait for the result
  7. If it’s a winner, withdraw the winning

Anonymous Sports Betting Vs. Traditional Sports Betting

There are some distinct differences between traditional sports betting and anonymous crypto betting. For any crypto beginners, our guide will make it a simple comparison.

Withdraw & Deposit Anonymously

Crypto doesn’t require players to share their personal information. So, banks cannot check what people do with their funds. For anyone looking to apply for a mortgage, anonymous payments are crucial. Traditional sites don’t offer this ability, making it much harder for traditional players to access bank services.

Betting Platforms Do Not Require your Personal Data

Most crypto sportsbooks allow players to sign up without providing personal information. So, player data can’t be stolen when playing with crypto, even if hackers get into the site. The absence of the information ensures players have complete protection.

No KYC Needed

Some crypto sites do ask for KYC but tend to be more lenient than traditional sportsbooks. There are also crypto sportsbooks without a KYC policy. These sites allow for total anonymity, which makes it a much more private experience.

Avoid Gambling Restrictions

Anonymity means players can avoid account restrictions. So, if a successful period results in an account having restrictions on the type of bet it can place, bettors can just create another account.

Higher Payout Limits

A crypto withdrawal will be more valuable than a fiat withdrawal. Some sportsbooks allow players to withdraw as much as 7 BTC at a time, and there are even sites without a crypto limit. No fiat sportsbook offers such substantial withdrawal limits.

Betting Markets

Anonymous crypto betting provides players with a significant selection of betting markets. With plenty of different choices, finding the best market for each situation is easy.

Sports Betting

There are a host of various markets for sports. Over/under, parlays, handicaps, Asian handicaps, and many more are all available for sports bettors. There’s also a range of sports, so bettors can choose their favorite sport easily.


As a growth market, the eSports choice isn’t as significant as standard sports. However, it still provides a solid selection of different betting markets. As it continues to grow, the market selection will increase even more.

Virtual Sports

Betting on virtual sports is almost the same as on traditional sports. However, a computer simulates the sport using AI instead of an actual event. It provides regular events for bettors, even during unsociable hours.

Types of Bonuses to Claim

Players can claim many different bonuses with anonymous crypto sportsbooks. The selection makes it simple for players to find and choose the most suitable bonus. Our guide to available bonuses ensures new players know what’s available.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is a bonus player can claim when first joining a site. It’s typically a matched bonus, adding to the funds a player can use. However, it can also be free spins or free bets. There are usually wagering requirements on a welcome bonus, so players have to play through the bonus a set number of times before making a withdrawal.

No Deposit Bonuses

As the name suggests, a no-deposit bonus is a bonus players claim without depositing. It is typically a free bet at sportsbooks but can sometimes be small amounts of funds. Wagering requirements vary with a no-deposit bonus, some have wagering, and some are without.

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is similar to a welcome bonus. It provides players with a matched bonus, but it comes into action after the player has received a welcome bonus. So, subsequent deposits will give players a reload bonus. Some sites only allow reloads on specific days, so checking the terms and conditions is essential.



Anonymous crypto betting provides bettors with more freedom and greater freedom. All crypto betting sites offer some level of anonymity to players, although some sites have more than others. It’s essential to understand the difference each site has when signing up. Players who want complete anonymity must find a site with no KYC policy. Bettors who are happy with financial anonymity can select any crypto sportsbook.

Apart from the obvious benefit of privacy, there are significant advantages to playing at an anonymous crypto betting site. Players can claim higher bonuses, increase their holding without betting, and get faster payouts. It makes crypto betting the superior form of sports betting. With our guide, any player can get up and running right away!


Each betting site will have a different selection of cryptocurrencies. However, between each site, almost every significant crypto is available. Players using niche crypto should thoroughly research to ensure they can use their holdings when betting.

Yes, they are. While some sites play without a regulatory license, most sites are legal. So, as long as crypto betting is legal in the relevant jurisdiction, players can bet using crypto.

The best way to protect crypto funds is to choose a trustworthy site. Our toplist is the best way to find sites players can trust. We only recommend sites with an excellent reputation. If a site begins behaving unfairly, we instantly remove it from our toplist. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unfair treatment.

All forms of sports betting are available at anonymous crypto betting sites. So, no matter the type of bet players want to place, they can do so.

It depends on the site. Some sites have fees for withdrawals, so it’s important to determine if this is the case. Almost all cryptos have gas fees when making transfers, so this is something to be aware of when completing transactions.

Bettors can’t bet anonymously in terms of their personal information. Traditional sites expect players to provide their details and complete KYC. However, if the site accepts crypto as a payment method, there is the possibility financial anonymity is available. However, it’s vital to double-check rather than assuming this is the case.

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