Bitcoin accepting VPNs

You are probably here because of geoblocking in bitcoin gambling. A VPN can get you around a sites geoblocks however there is a small risk in that you might be breaking the terms of service and if your VPN drops of while you are using the site or you forget to conect it, the site might suspect you are from a geogblocked territory and ask you to verify.

If you are a bitcoiner it’s safe to say government agencies, hackers and extortionists might be interested. Your first and best line of defence is a VPN, for a basic explanation of the technology see the Wikipedia VPN entry.

Buying a VPN is an example of anonymous online payments that credit cards and PayPal cannot perform. With bitcoin a VPN provider has no way of knowing who you are but can still be sure that you have paid.

We have gathered the best bitcoin accepting VPNs here and ordered them by their review score on Best VPN. We have no affiliate relations nor do we recieve payment from any VPN. I was looking for a bitcoin accepting VPN myself so I made a list of them then I thought it might be of interest to other privacy conscious bitcoiners.

I have tried 5 of these, SwitchVPN and PureVPN were terrible, PIA was great on windows and android but their mac app is notoriously buggy meaning you have to use Tunnelblick and configuration files, a bit of a pain.

NordVPN was pretty good but by far the best has been ExpressVPN, it works great on all devices, supports torrenting and is very easy to use.



  1. Alex 1 year ago

    Nice list of leading providers but i still feel some big names missing here.

  2. fastbetshenry 2 years ago

    Great list, great community service, thanks!

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