The population of Tagaytay more than doubles every weekend due to an influx of Manileños escaping a city where the best places are shopping malls. Herd mentality tells us they must be onto something so here is your guide to following the crowed and fitting in as a visitor in Tagaytay.

  • Only go to Tagaytay on Saturday and Sunday when you can contribute to the weekend traffic jams and be surrounded by crowds of fellow Manileños, just like back in the metro.
  • When driving and not sure if you need to turn or go straight, just stop your car in the middle of the road and think for a while, Tagaytans love when you do that!
  • Go for the cold weather but do not dress for it. The same clothes you wear in Manila will surely be warm enough in a place that you are going to specially because it’s colder than Manila.
  • An exception to the above is if you are going on a motorcycle. In which case wear several thousand pesos worth of pointless motorcycle riding accessories for your 110cc step through or scooter.
  • Buy a souvenir t-shirt with writing and a picture on it, they are so classy and elegant. “I love Tagaytay” and a picture of Lake Taal gets extra points for lack of originality.
  • When you have to line up for Starbucks or a ride at Sky Ranch get 1 member of your large group to wait until they are near the front of the line then the rest of you can all push in line to join them! Everyone wins!
  • Get local food like bulalo or buko pie. The same food is available better and cheaper in the metro but if you get it in Tagaytay you can post pictures of yourself eating it at a picnic spot you paid to entre.



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