World Cup


What to expect when betting on the World Cup with Crypto

The World Cup is a global event for betting sites with a lot of hysteria, new betting options for players, more promotions on predicting or matching bets in the early stages of the cup, and a thrilling live betting stage where odds would change rapidly.

This couldn’t be better for a crypto bettor like yourself since Bitcoin and crypto deposits have no fees, meaning you can bet and earn more on the games. Furthermore, when your funds run out, you can quickly redeposit safely without worrying about fund security and instantly transfer your BTC into the platform.

So it’s best to have some crypto on hand during the next World Cup to take advantage of the sporadic betting promotions and changing odds during the event.

World Cup 2022 Sparks Innovations in Cryptocurrency Betting

The 2022 World Cup was a major milestone regarding the number of people using cryptocurrencies to place bets on sporting events. It helped crypto casinos become more notorious due to the sheer amount of bets and their exposure to a wider market.

Cloudbet and BC.Game has a much larger pool of accepted crypto payments, and according to Cloudbet, crypto bettors used the TRON network more to make a deposit (which was due to the low transaction fees for USDT transfers).

Casinos have offered bet boosts, VIP perks, and wager-free bonuses during the World Cup for BTC deposits to draw in more crypto deposits. We’re seeing a shift from FIAT-oriented casinos to more crypto-inclined betting that will snowball into other sporting events. The 2022 World Cup did help move markets despite running during a bear market.

Betting on the 2026 World Cup With Crypto

Crypto’s ascendance into the mainstream will only fuel the growth of crypto casinos as we march toward the 2026 World Cup. We expect more sportsbook-accredited crypto casinos to take center stage and see more sports-related welcome packages for crypto deposits during the World Cup. Sure, we will see more Tesla cars and million-dollar prizes being given out, but what will change is the interlink between NFTs and cryptocurrencies. NFTs, as a form of collectibles, will link the excitement of betting on the World Cup with owning a piece of history embedded on the blockchain forever, which can have long-lasting value years after the World Cup is finished.

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