The best League of Legends crypto sportsbooks



Picking the best League of Legends (LoL) crypto sportsbook may initially seem daunting but we’ve simplified your options by highlighting the very best options that offer your substantially more value compared to other sportsbooks.

1. Cloudbet

Cloudbet (review, bettors are geo-blocked) is without a doubt the best LoL sportsbook. In fact, they’re so confident about their esports offering that they’ve gone as far as advertising themselves as the “The Best Crypto Sportsbook for League of Legends (LoL) eSports Betting”.

More matches

They’re the top contender thanks to the vast amount of LoL matches on offer (at least 25% more matches than any other crypto sportsbook) plus, the fact that they continually offer some of the most competitive odds available today.

Better odds

A week’s worth of data analysis on the BitOdds odds comparison site revealed that Cloudbet offered the top outright odds for at least 1 team 77% of the time. This means that from the 1×2 bet, Cloudbet had the top odds for either team 1 or team 2.

Live streaming

Bettors have the opportunity of watching Twitch live streaming with a video quality of 160p all the way up to 1080p60.


Cloudbet is a VPN-friendly site, which means you can access the sportsbook from anywhere using a VPN, safe in the knowledge that your account won’t be locked or closed for using a VPN. This makes it an ideal option for American, Australian and UK bettors.

Note: We’ve gone through the terms and conditions of every major crypto gambling site, and when necessary clarified with their support, to find out which are VPN-friendly.

2. Nitrogen

Nitrogen (review) is in second place with the sportsbook offering an exceptional LoL betting experience. Nitrogen’s a good option for esports bettors looking for a clean and easy-to-navigate interface as the matches are grouped by date instead of division.


Nitrogen offered 20% less games than Cloudbet, however, the betting experience is simplified thanks to Nitrogen’s clean and uncluttered layout.


Bettors will find that Nitrogen’s odds were in the top position 72% of the time. This means that Nitrogen’s outright odds for either team 1 or team 2, were the top odds available for that particular match on BitOdds’ LoL page.

Live streaming

Just like Cloudbet, Nitrogen also offers Twitch live streaming with video quality ranging from 160p to 1080p60.


Using a VPN to circumvent jurisdictional restrictions is acceptable.

3. Stake

Stake (review, bettors are geo-blocked) is a phenomenal sportsbook that covers all the bases well. They feature an abundance of esports bonuses which may come in handy while betting on LoL.


Bettors will find 25% less matches compared to Cloudbet, but the customer service at Stake is impressive.


Despite having significantly less matches than Cloudbet, Stake has the same percentage (77%) of matches that boast top odds for a particular match on the BitOdds odds comparison site.

Live streaming

Just like the other 2 sportsbooks, Stake also offers Twitch live streaming with a video quality of 160p up to 1080p60.


Stake is not VPN-friendly and players from America, Australia and the UK are advised to pick either Cloudbet or Nitrogen for their LoL betting.

Stake’s terms and conditions include the following:

Any attempt to circumvent the restrictions on play by any persons located in a Prohibited Jurisdiction or Restricted Jurisdiction, is a breach of this Agreement. An attempt at circumvention includes, but is not limited to, manipulating the information used by Stake to identify your location and providing Stake with false or misleading information regarding your location or place of residence.

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