Cloudbet sportsbook review

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Updated Jul 7, 2022


  • Good live betting.
  • Large max bet.
  • Good customer service.
  • Longstanding trusted operator.
  • Fast website, great on mobile.


  • Having to play through deposits before withdrawal.
Overall score 92%
User experience 9/10
Odds 8/10
Range of bets 9/10
Live betting 9/10
Transactions 7/10
Customer service 10/10
Privacy and security 7/10
Min bet
Max win
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Cloudbet are undoubtedly one of the best crypto sportsbooks and have been providing a fun, safe and reliable service since 2013.

Cloudbet has one of the best crypto casinos in the business (review) and an enjoyable dice game (review).

User experience

The design is gorgeous and modern especially on a mobile device. Everything is where you would expect it to be, laid out beautifully and works perfectly. The site is very fast and ranks among the best crypto sportsbooks.

The only problem is that sometimes bet types have unintuitive names or there can be 2 bet types with very similar names and no explanation of the difference between the two.

Cloudbet has the equal best user experience of all sportsbooks.


Sportsbook's overround: 5.22%

50:50 equivalent: 1.9

Cloudbet’s odds are good. They offer good value on the more popular sports, but their edge gets a little larger on the minor sports and events.

Range of bets

Range of sports, leagues and events: Very large. More than most of us could ever want including things like Futsal and Bowls.

Range of bet types per event: Very good. Major sports and events have around 30 markets on average.

Markets like last goalscorer are offered but not first goalscorer, which is strange. Generally a good range though.

Cloudbet has the equal best range of bets of all sportsbooks.

Live betting

Cloudbet’s live betting is brilliant! There is a huge selection of games and odds always available on a good range of bets. The experience is complimented by integrated streams (where possible). Odds changes are dealt with well and everything is fast and smooth. We would like to see a cash out feature added though.


Unique deposit addresses: Available.

Confirmations before bet: 1.

Withdrawal time: Usually fast. We have received instant withdrawals and we have had to wait up to 9 hours.

Player to player transfer: Not available.

Cloudbet won’t allow you to withdraw your money if you haven’t played through it. This can be frustrating and isn’t common at other crypto sportsbooks.

Customer service

Customer service channels available: Live chat.

Speed of replies: Live chat always replies instantly.

Accuracy of replies: Very good, staff are well trained and knowledgeable.

Real life customer service test

Question: Does bitcoin cash have the same 5 coin bonus as bitcoin does? Can I get both?


Yes, it is the same.

We offer first deposit bonus only. If your first deposit was bitcoin cash, you'll get bonus in bitcoin cash and if it is in bitcoin, you''ll get in bitcoin. So here are the terms and conditions for the first deposit bonus: ...

Notes: Fast, accurate and the right amount of detail.

Cloudbet has the equal best customer service of all sportsbooks.

Privacy and security

Information required at signup: Email address and date of birth. You can link your Google or Facebook accounts to sign up.

2 factor authentication: Available.

Crypto Gambling Awards

Crypto Gambling Awards won by CloudbetCrypto Gambling Awards won by Cloudbet


Bettors in the following countries are geo-blocked by Cloudbet:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • United States of America



You can only get this bonus here at BitEdge.

Make a first deposit of 10 m฿ or equivalent and you will get 88 free spins in the casino!

Funds won will have Cloudbet’s standard 30X rollover requirement

You will also get Cloudbet’s standard 100% 1st deposit bonus up to ฿5 paid in 10 m฿ increments.

This is one of the biggest and best bonuses from any crypto sportsbook!


Cloudbet are one of the best sportsbooks, casinos and dice sites out there. The all round high quality of operation and customer experience make Cloudbet one of leaders in the crypto gambling industry.

If you want to bet on sports, play in a casino and on a dice site there are few places better than Cloudbet.

Visit Cloudbet

Sportsbook walk-through

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  1. Raf

    Do they (or any other btc bookie) limit accounts??

    • BitEdge

      No they don’t. You are anonymous so you could just make another account (you would only need a different email address).

      • M99

        Hi. Arent the transactions visible on the blockchain ? I Always tought this prevents people from multiaccounting Crypto books

        • BitEdge

          But your identifying information is not on the blockchain. If you deposit from the same address into 2 accounts at 1 sportsbook then yes, the sportsbook can link those. But you can prevent this with things like using a different address for every transaction and mixing funds, the details depend on which crypto you are using.

    • Anonymous

      they do after first couple wins limited to half of regular limits

  2. Anonymous

    They are terrible with customer support . The email I used for this site was breached due to a ddos attack. Lucky for me I noticed it before they could withdrawal, but not before they changed the password. Now they are investigating the issue and we are on Day 9. No updates besides telling me it is under investigation. I answered all the security questions beyond what is necessary so there is no doubt I am the owner. Are they just holding my coins to use for their bankroll? There is no way an issue like this takes 9 day if all they are going to do is replace the email associated with the account

  3. Luke

    Range of bets….especially live bets is a 10 in NHL. Their Live Betting options are fantastic. I have a new passion Live Clean Sheet betting! Amazing.

    Does anybody have any positive experiences with the casino? I assume only the blackjack is proveably fair. What about the video poker?

    Any big hits?

  4. Rob

    I stopped using cloudbet a few months ago due to the fact after a game is over they don’t grade the wager for sometimes a full 24 hours. I’ve spoke to customer service about it and they didn’t know why. I also tried to make a 0.02 bet and it said the minimum was .15 which they couldn’t explain.

    • BitEdge

      Yeah I have noticed those high minimum bets, FWIW it only happens on live betting markets.

  5. Anonymous

    Deposits will be processed right away but withdrawal will took a day.

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