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Baseball is the best sport to bet on

The reason baseball is the best sport to specialize in or to bet on for fun is that there are many more games played in MLB than in any other league.

That means if you can find an edge you have the most opportunities to take advantage of it and apply a staking plan to it. In many sports teams play once a week, but in MLB it’s almost every day. With such a quick turnaround between games, you can test and evaluate betting strategies faster.

Let’s see how much of a difference this makes by comparing MLB to other popular leagues. Let’s say you have found a way to profit, on average, 4 m฿ per game in your chosen sport.

League Games per week Games per season 4 m฿ per game
NFL 15 255 1020 m฿
EPL 15 380 1520 m฿
NBA 50 1230 4920 m฿
MLB 90 2430 9720 m฿

At the same profit per game, you will make 9 times more betting on baseball than you would on the NFL! This means you can bet more conservatively, riskless, and still make more money!

Having so many games also allows you to try out different betting strategies during the season. With MLB you can run a strategies for a few weeks and have a good data sample allowing you to get a feel for it, refine it, or write it off if it’s not working.

Meanwhile to get the same amount of data for a European soccer league would take almost the whole season!

Even if you are just betting for fun, you get the most entertainment from baseball as there are more games to enjoy betting on.

Which Crypto Site to Choose?

Who has the best odds?

You can see which crypto sportsbook has the best odds for the bet you want to make on the MLB odds comparison. You can see which sportsbook has the best odds overall on the best odds sportsbook ranking.

Who has the biggest range of bets?

all have about the same amount of MLB betting markets, which is more than anyone else.

Who has the best live betting?

Sportsbet has the best live betting on MLB. This is primarily due to the attractive and easy-to-use live betting interface. The live betting features like live scores and “accept odds changes?” work better on Sportsbet than anywhere else.

Who is the best allround sportsbook?

See our detailed written and video crypto sportsbook reviews for all the top options.

are the best in that order.

Baseball Betting Strategies

The 3 most common bet types in baseball are

  • Moneyline – Who will win?
  • Run spread – Handicapping the favorite a certain number of runs.
  • Total runs – Will the total runs be over or under a certain number?

Listed pitcher or action bets

The biggest difference between betting on baseball and other sports is the huge impact the starting pitchers have on the game and therefore on the odds. This has given rise to the industry standard of listed pitcher betting.

A listed pitcher means that the starting pitchers will be listed at the time you make your bet. If there is a change to the starting pitchers those bets will be refunded. New betting markets with the new pitchers and odds will be made available for betting.

The alternative is action betting where your bets will stand no matter what, even if there is a change in starting pitcher. However, the odds you got before the pitcher change will be changed to the odds that are posted after the pitcher change.

Be aware that Nitrogen and Sportsbet MLB bets are actions whereas everyone else’s are listed pitchers. This is important if you are arbitraging between different sportsbooks.

Live betting

Baseball is a great sport for live betting because the 18-inning changes give a couple of minutes break with no play. These breaks are perfect opportunities to evaluate the state of the game, check the live betting odds and make a bet.

There are a lot of inefficiencies in live markets and therefore a lot of chances to get value bets on and make a profit. Live betting also allows you to trade out of a position you took pre-game as more information becomes available, information like the score and player injuries.

How to win

  • Follow the points on How to be a winning sports bettor
  • Don’t pay attention to media pundits. They are paid to be entertaining, not accurate.
  • Try both pre-game betting and live in-play betting, to find out which suits you better.
  • Get the highest possible payout for every bet by using our odds comparisons

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