There are 3 high-quality sportsbooks that dominate the landscape of end-to-end crypto sportsbetting, and deservedly so.

All provide a world-class betting experience that beats the best quality government currency sportsbooks and wipes the floor with other crypto sportsbooks.

In crypto sports betting there is a huge drop off in quality after the big 3. Apart from Cloudbet, Sportsbet and Stake, other crypto sportsbooks are just not good.

Why are they so good?

Cloudbet, Sportsbet and Stake were all excellent when they launched and they have gotten better and better at staying ahead of the competition.

They made thousands of cheap bitcoins during the 2014-2016 bear market (Stake and Sportsbet through their stablemates PrimeDice and BitCasino). Much of which they still have and use to keep investing in their product.

Their main asset is competence, which comes from previous experience in gambling. And the fact that they care about providing a great betting experience for their customers.

They are not perfect, the area they most need to improve on is offering better odds. The solution for bettors is to take the best odds on the crypto odds comparisons, which gives a synthetic overround of about 1.2%.

Why are the others so bad?

There are a lot of amateurish, B-team crypto sportsbook operators who don’t have enough experience and don’t care about their customers enough.

There aren’t more than 3 good ones because the market cannot support more than that. The vast majority of crypto bettors bet with the big 3 and there are not enough bettors left for anyone else to justify the cost of making another high-quality crypto sportsbook.

Sorry Americans, Brits and Aussies

All 3 of these top crypto sportsbooks block US and UK bettors. All but Cloudbet also block Australians.

See the full table version of the Geo-blocking in crypto gambling and betting. The sportsbooks don’t want to block these bettors but they do want to avoid paying American and British taxes and gambling license fees.

The best sportsbooks obey US and UK government restrictions while the worst don’t. Causing USA and UK bettors to use less trustworthy sportsbooks. So the restrictions do not protect bettors, they protect tax revenue.

The USA and UK have shown a willingness to go after sportsbooks that serve their citizens without kissing the ring. The reason Sportsbet and Stake block Aussies is because their owners are Australians who want to be able to live in or visit Australia without fear of the law.

Where to bet?

It’s so easy to join the good crypto sportsbooks that you may as well try out all 3. This overcomes the poor odds by letting you bet at whichever has the best odds for each bet you want to make. You also get 3 times as many bonuses and promotions to choose from. They all accept

  • Bitcoin
  • Ether
  • Litecoin

If you want to bet with crypto other than those then check this table, but also take a look at other top crypto gambling sites.

Cloudbet has made a point of accepting 3 USD stablecoins and a gold stablecoin.

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Comparison Table

Est. 2013 2017* 2016**
Best for
Customer service
Live betting
* Stake was born out of PrimeDice which was established in 2013
** Sportsbet was born out of BitCasino which was established in 2014
Let us know if you think one of the big 3 is particularly better or worse than the others and why, in the comments below.

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