High roller crypto betting



Large deposits and withdrawals

A big advantage of crypto sports betting for high rollers is that  you can deposit and withdraw large amounts almost free and instantly.

This is often a pain point when betting with government currency operators. For example if you withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bank account, your bank might start asking questions and the transactions will be reported to financial authorities. Crypto does away with all that hassle.

Sportsbooks with the highest bet limits

Sportsbet (review, American bettors are geo-blocked) and Stake (review, American bettors are geo-blocked) are favorites of crypto sports betting high rollers because they have the highest bet limits in the industry (we have a separate page for crypto casino high rollers). Stake recently took my bet to win over $80,000 on the last US presidential election and Sportsbet bet me to win $60,000 last NFL season.

Here are real life current max bets at the big 3 crypto sportsbooks in 2021. We look at the amount you can win, not the stake amount. We tested early odds and late odds on an NBA point spread; early odds 12 hours before the jump and late odds 10 minutes before the jump. We also tested the max bets on the even money favorite, Man City, to win the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final; early odds 20 days before kick off and we will check the late odds 10 minutes before kick off.

Early NBA spread$4,155$8,362$6,536
Late NBA spread$11,542$24,263$5,300
Early UCL result$3,592$70,197$53,001

I used newish anonymous accounts for the above test. Limits at the same sportsbook vary widely from bettor to bettor depending on how risky your account seems to the sportsbook.

Sportsbooks who give the best VIP treatment

If you become a VIP of a crypto sportsbook they may gift you sports tickets, invites to special events, merchandise, hampers, dedicated account managers, et cetera. If you stop betting with them they will offer you large bonuses to reactivate your account.

One advantage of the anonymous nature of crypto betting for high rollers is that the sportsbooks can not limit consistently winning players like government currency sportsbooks do.

One disadvantage of anonymity is that it’s harder for a sportsbook to provide VIP treatment when they don’t know anything about you. Crypto sportsbooks with the best VIP programs will reach out to you if you have provided an email address.

If you are willing to give your email address Sportsbet will give you the best VIP treatment. That includes large bonuses and rewards, extravagant trips, plus they will always go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need with their dedicated VIP program.


  1. joeclay

    Truly unlimited and anonymous crypto betting is only available on wagerr.

    These are the same tired books your grandfather used but that happen to accept bitcoin.

    • Andrew

      Wagerr do allow for unlimited betting, but they only accept WGR coin for bets. So your money’s value is dependant on the value of their token. Sportsbooks that accept real cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH etc for bets are much preferred.

  2. Jasper

    Are these crypto sportsbooks adjusting their max bets given that bitcoin is now worth a lot more? How much does the price have to change before they adjust their exposure?

    • BitEdge

      They are constantly adjusting their max bets as the price of crypto changes.

  3. bitcoin bettor

    cloudbet seems like a scam to me. They stopped taking live bets on ITF tennis matches. The support team has only response in regards: site is going through maintenance.

    • BitEdge

      How can you call that anything like a scam? That’s not scammy at all…

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