A lot of these VIP programs are masked with promises of “tailored rewards” but no indication of what they may be or how much you have to spend. We reveal how long it will take you to progress up the rewards ladder and start earning some serious crypto rewards with each loyalty program.

Sportsbet Clubhouse

Sportsbet offers its Clubhouse loyalty program. They have 7 levels through which you progress by collecting points on each bet or casino wager. The amount of points credited varies depending on the odds, your stake and whether you win or not. Longer odds, higher stakes and losing bets are favoured. Sports bets have a multiplier of 15 whereas casino bets have a multiplier of 5, so casino players should turn their attention to the BitCasino section. Here’s an example of how many points a sports bet will earn you:

General sports formula = 15 * valid stake * points multiplier

General casino formula = 5 * valid stake * points multiplier

Valid stake: In most cases this is your actual stake amount. However, there is one exception, if you win a bet with odds of less than 2.00, then the Valid Stake is the net winnings from the bet (Net Winnings = return – stake).

Example 1: You bet 1 mBTC on a 1.50 sports bet and win. Your 1 mBTC is converted to Euros for the purpose of this equation (€26.27 at the time of writing) and then converted to valid stake. 15 * 13.135 * 1 = 197.025 (rounded up to 198)

The levels are laid out below. Due to the complex nature of the points, it’s hard to work out exactly how much it would cost to reach each level. However, the spend amount below is based on backing only even money sports bets (either winning or losing – the points would be the same either way) with 1 mBTC.

Level Points required Rewards Multiplier Spend
Steel 0 0 x1 $0
Bronze 5 1 x1 $0.40
Silver 3,750 6 x1 $392.59
Gold 30,000 12 x1.25 $23,543.69
Platinum 250,000 11 x1.5 $39,729.97
Titanium 750,000 12 x2 $65,922.33
Diamond 3,750,000 Infinite x3 $183,640.79

Bear in mind, each level has sub-levels that trigger a reward. So for example, within Silver, there are 6 targets to hit as displayed in the image below. In Gold, there are 12, Platinum 11 and so on.

On the first day of each month, your points are reset back to 0 but you maintain your level. For example, if you reached Gold in January, you’d still be Gold in February but your points will be 0 within the Gold tier. You’d need to gain 30,000 points again in February to maintain your Gold status for March. If you gain less than 30,000, your status in March would be Silver or lower (depending on how many points you accumulate).Each time you unlock a reward, you can pick between a free bet, free spins, free hands or cashback. It’s worth noting that the cashback value is 90% of the total value of the reward.

BitCasino Loyalty Club

As BitCasino is run by the same company as Sportsbet their loyalty program is very similar. However, the points are a lot easier to work out. For every Euro, you bet you get 5 points.

Level Points required Rewards Multiplier Spend
Beginner 0 0 x1 $0
Fan 5 1 x1 $1.18
Expert 3,750 6 x1 $858.56
Master 30,000 12 x1.25 $7,056.66
Guru 250,000 11 x1.5 $48,455.75
Legend 750,000 12 x2 $126,863.13
Hero 3,750,000 Infinite x3 $479,696.34

As you can see, the spending is a lot higher than Sportsbet, especially at the top end. The rewards given are free spins, free chips and cashback (ranging between 5% and 10% based on your loyalty tier).

Much like Sportsbet, at Bitcasino you retain your level status for the current month and the next month. At the start of the following month, your points will be reset to 0 at all levels. If you collect fewer points next month than the level requires, you will drop to a lower level. This mechanism makes it possible to maintain your level with consistent gambling.

Stake VIP

Stake offers weekly, monthly and special bonuses. The amount the player receives is based on how much they’ve recently staked and their VIP level. They’re also based on your profit and loss, so winning players will receive less. You can choose which currency your bonuses are credited in and other benefits include access to the Stake Telegram channels and rakeback.Below is how much you have to stake to reach each level. Bear in mind, your previous staking level counts towards your new one so your counter doesn’t reset each level. For example, when you reach Bronze you only have to stake $40,000 more to reach Silver rather than $50,000 and so on.

  • Bronze: $10,000.
  • Silver: $50,000
  • Gold: $100,000
  • Plat1: $250,000
  • Plat2: $500,000
  • Plat3: $1,000,000
  • Plat4: $2,500,000
  • Plat5: $5,000,000
  • Plat6: $10,000,000
  • Diamond: $25,000,000

To claim the weekly bonuses, you first need to add Stake on Telegram and then claim the bonus via the app, which is a strange way of doing it. The monthly bonus requires less effort and comes via email. However, we’ve found the bonus for levelling up isn’t always credited automatically. Often we had to message customer support to request it.

Bitsler VIP program

Bitsler offers a similar level-based VIP program. They use XP as the program’s currency with each $1 staked returning 2 XP – except on dice and baccarat where each $1 returns 1 XP. Be careful with sports betting, as bets at 1.40 or lower don’t count. Unlike Sportsbet and BitCasino, the XP points don’t reset so you can slowly build your way up to the top.

The breakdown below shows you how much you need to spend to reach each tier. The spend is based on staking on only 2 XP games and sports bets over 1.40. Your total spend will be higher if you indulge in dice, baccarat or low-odds sports bets.

Level Points required Rewards Spend
Iron 600 6 $300
Bronze 9,000 10 $4,500
Silver 65,000 10 $32,500
Gold 300,000 11 $150,000
Platinum 860,000 10 $430,000
Diamond 4,200,000 14 $2,100,000
Black Diamond 30,000,000 89 $15,000,000
Diamond Master 100,000,000 241 $50,000,000
Diamond Legend 115,000,000 65 per 15,000,000 XP Infinite

As you can see, the program allows high roller crypto bettors to gain a wealth of rewards when they reach higher levels. However, if you’re a smaller stake gambler it will take a bit longer to progress through the levels.

The majority of rewards are chests, which return a cash prize in any crypto offered by Bitsler. The image below shows what you can win in the Bronze and Silver chests. This obviously increases as your rank gets higher. Other rewards include rakeback (starting at Gold), competition entries and unlocked chat features.

Overall recommendation

We always recommend that you sign up with as many sportsbooks as possible. This allows you to take advantage of all the bonuses and always get the best odds.

However, if you want to be loyal to one sportsbook and become a VIP then we’d recommend Sportsbet if you’re a sports bettor or BitCasino if you’re a casino player. Despite the monthly points resets, you can progress up levels quicker and gain more rewards. We rank the sites very high and have a great time gambling with them. We hope you do too!

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