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Hold onto your seats! Here’s our selection of UFC 8 most memorable and dramatic knockouts

  1. Masvidal vs Askren
  2. McGregor vs Aldo
  3. Silva vs Leben
  4. Holm vs Rousey
  5. Garbrandt vs Assuncao
  6. Henderson vs Bisping
  7. Jimmo vs Perosh
  8. Barbosa vs Etim

Masvidal vs Askren

The fastest-ever KO in the UFC here, as Gamebred takes out Ben Askren with an incredible flying knee. Following months of preparation and anticipation, the fight was stopped after just 5 seconds!

Check it on this link: Jorge Masvidal Delivers the Fastest KO in UFC History Over Ben Askren

McGregor vs Aldo

Arguably Conor McGregor’s finest moment in the octagon, this fast and ferocious stoppage is all the more impressive given that rival Jose Aldo clocks McGregor with a similar punch at the exact moment he connects the other way. It could’ve been a double KO! Instead, the Irishman’s chin stood up to the test and he became the UFC Featherweight champ.

Check it on this link: Conor vs Aldo Full Fight

Silva vs Leben

The Spider Anderson Silva announced himself in style in his UFC debut, with a commanding and dominant stoppage of Chris Leben. It takes us back to 2006; the oldest entry on our list. But one for the ages!

Check it on this link: Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben

Holm vs Rousey

This wasn’t meant to happen! Kickboxing expert Holly Holm shocked the UFC world with this gigantic upset against the 1.10 favourite and unbeaten superstar Ronda Rousey at UFC 193. One of the most dramatic victories in UFC history and it took place in front of what was at the time the largest-ever crowd – 56,000 at Melbourne’s Docklands Stadium.

Check it on this link: Holly Holm KO Ronda Rousey

Garbrandt vs Assuncao

This one has it all… the surprise element, the fact Cody Garbrandt was on the back foot, and then the almost poetic timing of the knockout connection coinciding with the bell.

Duck + hook = lights out!

Check it on this link: Cody Garbrandt vs Raphael Assuncao KO

Henderson vs Bisping

All the way back to 2009 for UFC 100 here. Dan Henderson was in trouble in this fight until a moment of magic put The Count to sleep. “Right on the button!” says Joe Rogan in commentary.

Check it on this link: Henderson KO’s Bisping

Jimmo vs Perosh

The late Ryan Jimmo here, with one of the most explosive UFC debuts in history. The Canadian was in no mood to wait around, catching Anthony Perosh clean and collecting UFC 149’s Knockout of the Night prize in the process.

Check it on this link: 7 Seconds KO

Barbosa vs Etim

Edson Barbosa became a UFC fan favourite for an array of spectacular kicking skills, but this moment is what he’s best known for. It is the cleanest, slickest, most technically proficient spinning heel kick you could see. Poor Terry Etim simply did not see it coming.

Check it on this link: Edson Barboza “KO” Terry Etim

That concludes our most memorable 8, but which epic KOs are we missing? Did we overlook your favourite?

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