Second Day: England v Iran

There are a few obvious choices for this game. England is a few people’s picks to win the whole tournament, but with a cautious manager in charge, it might be a struggle for them to go all of the ways. Despite the attacking riches that are in the England squad, there is still a safety-first mentality in the way that they play in the biggest games.

Despite this, when facing smaller nations England does approach things with a little more fluidity. So, even though Southgate will likely line up in a defensive manner if England makes it to the latter stages, it’s unlikely they will be so conservative when facing Iran.

Second Day: Goalscorer Bets

There are two obvious bets to look at for goalscorer markets in this game. With all due respect, the most sensible bet to place here is on Harry Kane. While Kane hasn’t always been in the best of form for England during qualifying, he is without a doubt a big-time tournament player. Either first goalscorer or if you want to remove a little bit of risk, albeit with lower odds, anytime goalscorer for Harry Kane is definitely a bet worth looking at.

Second Day: Moneyline

The moneyline is another obvious bet here. England winning is the most likely outcome. However, if you want to try and increase the odds on this then you may be able to do so by using in-play betting. It’s likely that Iran will play very defensively at first, so it might take England some time to break them down. You may be able to get better odds if you take the risk of waiting until later in the game to place your bet.

On top of this, you might get some nice second-day odds to boost promotions from some sportsbooks. So, it’s well worth taking a look at which one of the top crypto sportsbooks is offering good bonuses so you can get a high-value bet on England winning.

Second Day: Over/Under

This is the market where you will be likely to find the best value. Although Iran will play in a defensive fashion, there are likely to be goals in this game. Using the in-play betting markets again you will be able to increase the odds of over 1.5 goals being scored in the game. The longer Iran holds out the better the odds will be. If England hasn’t scored for 30 minutes then looking at over 0.5 goals in the first half could also offer a good value return.

Second Day: Senegal v Netherlands

This would have been a game with a lot of value to be found if Sadio Mane hadn’t gotten injured before the tournament. This puts the upper hand slightly with the Netherlands, but it still makes it a difficult call. The Dutch squad isn’t as packed with quality as in past years, but it does have a massively experienced manager who knows how to win. Whether he can get a tune out of this squad remains to be seen, but they are hard to beat and that goes a long way at international tournaments.

Second Day: Over/Under Markets

There’s not as much value to be found in this game now Mane isn’t playing, which is why the moneyline and goalscorer markets are best avoided. The over/under market is still a solid market to look for though. In-play betting is the name of the game again and it should see you being able to find good value for over 0.5 goals in each half. Over 2.5 yellow cards is also a bet that’s worth looking at, with both teams having some aggressive players in their squads.

Second Day: USA v Wales

This is a game that could provide the most entertainment on the whole of the second day. These are two teams that on the form are going to be fighting it out to make it out of the group. Both have genuine match-winners in their squads, Pulisic might be hit and miss but when he is on fire he has a genuine claim to be world-class. Bale might be past his best, but he can still pull some magic out of the hat when he needs to. Both teams will be likely to go all out for the win, which should make for an exciting game.

Second Day: Goalscorer Markets

The first goalscorer is one to avoid here. Either Pulisic or Bale for anytime goalscorer would be a solid bet to place. If you really want to take a risk then you could look at a Bale/Pulisic anytime parlay. What’s key in this game is that if one team scores early then it is likely to open up even more. Both teams know that winning this game could be key to going through, so it will likely be an end-to-end encounter. It’s this reason why the moneyline is a bet to avoid.

Second Day: Over/Under

This should be a lot of fun to look at. Over 2.5 goals in the game should be a solid bet to place. On top of that, if you want to try a riskier option, use in-play betting to see how the odds change if an early goal is scored. If a goal is scored within the first ten minutes then a risky, but good value, option would be to lay on over 2.5 goals in the first half. Of course, as is the case with all risky options keep the stake low.

Second Day Reminders

Just like our best bets for the first day, there are no guarantees, especially with tournament soccer. Make sure to stick to your budget with any wagers you place and if you think the risk is too high then you should avoid the bet.


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Updated on 21/02/2024