Brazil vs Serbia: World Cup Markets

This is the big one for many people. While Serbia might not be the best team in the world, Brazil is widely regarded as one of the favorites. This game will go a long way towards deciding if they’re true challengers or if they’re just going to let down a nation again. We’ve taken a close look at what we expect to happen in their opening game.

Brazil vs Serbia: Over/Under World Cup Markets

Finding the best World Cup markets at a high-quality crypto sportsbook is very important to get the best value. The Over/Under market is one that many players look to for good value. In this case, over 2.5 goals for the game could be a solid bet. Especially after Spain set the standard by destroying Costa Rica yesterday. However, Neymar for over 3.5 shots on target could be a solid wager.

Brazil vs Serbia: Goal Scorer World Cup Markets

Well, there’s only one option for this one isn’t there? Neymar for anytime goalscorer is a wager that should grab the attention of most players. There’s potential for good value here if you combine it with Neymar’s over 3.5 shots on target and a Brazil win as a parlay. These are three wagers that have a good chance of coming in, but together should provide a better level of payout.

Switzerland vs Cameroon: World Cup Markets

Definitely one of the harder games to wager on at the World Cup. The Switzerland game is one that will confound many players. With the better players in the Swiss side ageing now, and Cameroon providing some uncut gems, this could be a game that’s hard to call.

Switzerland vs Cameroon: Handicap World Cup Markets

Switzerland – Cameroon game could definitely go either way. It means that wagering on either team to win outright could be difficult. It’s why you should look at the handicap market to try and find some additional value. Any bets on this game will be risky ones, so if you want to avoid it completely then that makes absolute sense. Cameroon is slightly more likely to grab the win here, so if the odds speak to you then by all means place the bet, but just be aware that there is a lot of risks involved in betting on this game.

Uruguay vs South Korea: World Cup Markets

Another game that is tough to call. This is a game that’s likely to see both teams going all out to try and grab the win. It means that when it comes to betting on the moneyline, this is a game to avoid. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s no value to be found at all here.

Uruguay vs South Korea: Goal Scorer World Cup Markets

There are two options here when it comes to goal scorer markets. Darwin Nunez and Heung Min Son are the two players most likely to grab goals in this game. Many felt that Hee-Chan Hwang would be a goal threat at the tournament, but his recent injury rules him out. An anytime parlay on Nunez and Son could be a good way to find value from this game.

Uruguay vs South Korea: Over/Under World Cup Markets

It’s likely to be an end-to-end encounter. This means that there are definitely goals in this game. There are two aspects of the over/under market that is worth looking at here. Firstly, over 0.5 goals in the first half could be a good one. Here players will be best to use in-play betting in order to try and find the best value. As the odds increase, place the wager when you think the payout is worth the risk. If you want to just bet before the game starts, then over 1.5 goals have good value. If you want to take a risk, you could add over 2.5 goals to your goal-scorer parlay.

Portugal vs Ghana: World Cup Markets

With the news of Ronaldo being released by Man United still fresh in the memory, this is a chance for him to do two things. Take the focus on his turmoil at the club level and show any interested clubs that he can still perform at the top level. Ghana won’t be an easy task for Portugal though, African football is on the cusp of achieving incredible things in the game. But, Ronaldo being Ronaldo means that he likely only needs one chance.

Portugal vs Ghana: Handicap World Cup Markets

Ghana is a better side than many people give them credit for. Partey, Lamptey and the Ayew brothers are all very good players. It means that a +1 handicap on a Ghana win could have some good value. It is still a risk though, as Portugal has a lot of quality and the safety-first football that they play means that goals will likely be at a premium in this match.

Portugal vs Ghana: Goal Scorer World Cup Markets

There’s only really one man to look at for this market. With all the turmoil that’s going on in his personal life, Ronaldo for anytime goal scorer is a bet that’s definitely worth taking a close look at. With there likely to be very few goals in this game, Ronaldo as the first goal scorer could be a bet that offers a little bit more value.

The Best Crypto Betting Sites for Your World Cup Markets

If you want to find the best World Cup Markets and the best value for your bets, then taking a look through the different sportsbooks that are available is the best way to do it. Take a look through the different sportsbooks that we recommend to ensure that you find the best World Cup crypto betting site for your needs.


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