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We have collated and distilled the advice and recommendations given by these experts into the following lists;

You need data, ratings and models specific to the sport and league you want to bet on. Below we include a section on tennis as an example, but do check the full list of recommended resources for those that relate to what you want to specialize in.

Don Best for US sports

Don Best is an odds-tracking service for US sports. It is used by sportsbooks and professional bettors alike. It has been recommended by 8 expert guests on the Business of Betting Podcast.

Dynamic odds for Australian horse racing

Dynamic Odds is an odds comparison and tracking service specializing in Australian horse racing and Australian sports. It is recommended 7 times.

You can find a few other horse racing-specific resources in the data, ratings and models section of the full list above.

Ken-Pom for college basketball

The Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings is recommended 4 times. It’s a great place to start for NCAA basketball betting. However, because so many people are already using Ken-Pom you are unlikely to find an edge using it on its own.

Tennis Tennis Tennis

There are some impressive tennis betting resources out there, those recommended include:


Odds comparisons

Odds comparisons in general and line shopping to get the best price are widely recommended. The best crypto odds comparison is BitOdds.

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