Martin Albert stole my bitcoin

Martin Albert owned and ran an invoice payment service called Lamium, it let you pay fiat invoices with bitcoin. You can hear Martin Albert explain it at the event where we met, starting at 10:16 (this is a classic case of a centralized service pretending to be decentralized).

Here are the facts. In April 2020 I sent ฿4.435 bitcoin to Lamium to pay a 27,616 EUR invoice. I had already checked with Martin Albert that Lamium would be fine with that amount and he told me to go ahead.

8 months later the invoice has not been paid. I have been ripped off ฿4.435 BTC/€27,616 EUR.

By accepting my funds Lamium accepted the responsibility of getting the invoice paid, or if that turned out to be impossible, returning the funds to me. I only request they return €27,616 EUR to me in fiat or bitcoin, although ฿4.435 bitcoin is now worth €83,000 EUR.

Martin Albert claimed that he sent my funds to a crypto exchange called Intarium who had their bank account frozen. He lied that he was sorry but it was out of his hands. Only after I did some digging and confronted Martin Albert directly he admitted that he owned and ran Intarium as well, so it was very much in his hands!

Martin Albert then said Intarium would go through bankruptcy proceedings and we would have to claim the money back through that. When I asked for more details he stopped responding. 

I do have email and chat proof of all of this.

Note at 23:17 in the above video Martin Albert is asked what happens if a user pays his crypto but the invoice does not get paid (exactly what happened to me). He says

“In the very very worst case which never happens you get your money back so we have this kind of guarantee that the bill gets paid…you can indicate a date until your bill needs to be paid and we have a guarantee that your bill will be paid by then”.

It saddens me to post this because if not for this theft I would have said I like Martin Albert! He seems affable and seems to have real crypto credentials. But he is also a cowboy; he is dishonest, unprofessional, irresponsible, disorganized and does not meet his debts or keep his promises.

He currently owns and runs Bitalo, a crypto exchange targeting the German speaking market. You should avoid Bitalo and anything else Martin Albert has a hand in.


  1. Anonymous

    Typical sociopathic behavior, charming but deceitful. Even if he one day returns the money do not take down this post to help inform others.

    • BitEdge

      hmm, the dissociation is also a sign of sociopathy. For example “the invoice payer had their funds frozen” When he is the invoice payer who had his funds frozen is dissociation.

  2. Martin albert


    Martin albert here. The invoice payer got the funds frozen and a verification is required.

    I requested a verificstion so that the payout can be processed. I did not receive a response on my requests. So maybe i get one now 🙂


    • BitEdge

      Multiple lies here. “The invoice payer got the funds frozen“, Martin you are the invoice payer. You say Intarium got their funds frozen, as if that’s some separate actor outside of your control and responsibility. You own and run Intarium, if it’s even true that Intarium got their funds frozen (you have never shown any prof of that) that’s still on you, it’s your responsibility.

      I did not receive a response on my requests” If you mean you requested something from me and I did not respond that is a lie.

      He sounds reasonable doesn’t he folks? What he does is says something like that then when I ask for details, he stops replying. Then a month later I try again and he does the same thing again. I have many examples and his comment above is another one. He says

      “a verification is required. I requested a verificstion so that the payout can be processed”

      What verification Martin? Who needs to verify what to who and how?

      But there is no answer, there never is. Just silence followed later by more vagueness and delay. It’s not until he had given me the run around with no path to a solution for 8 months that I got fed up with his bull shit. Thats why it took me 8 months to post this.

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