Crypto makes online transactions easier, in the case of binary options trading the advantages include

  • Global and unrestricted, all traders are welcome no matter where they are.
  • Almost free and instant deposits and withdrawals of any amount 24/7.
  • Brokers save so much in banking and compliance that they can offer higher payout %.
  • Trading anonymously makes it
    • Impossible for a broker to limit you for winning too much.
    • Impossible for a broker to sell or misuse your personal information.
    • Easier to avoid legal restrictions and taxation.

Once the funds are in your account there is no difference between binary option trading mechanisms at crypto or government currency brokers. You have your account balance and calling, putting, high/low, range et cetera all still work in the same way.

Where crypto helps a lot is getting funds in and out of your trading account and improving your privacy and security by helping you be anonymous.

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