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Cryptocurrency gambling is tailor-made for people living in the USA. The country has restrictive gambling laws, making crypto the perfect solution for freedom loving Americans. However, the majority of crypto gambling sites block American players. If you try and gamble with them using a VPN, there’s a high risk of your account being closed and funds confiscated. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Below we list every site that allows players from the USA, the sites which are VPN friendly and the sites to avoid altogether. We have independently reviewed every sportsbook, casino, dice and poker site so you can feel safe in signing up and depositing with any of the suggested crypto gambling sites.

USA friendly sites

VPN friendly sites

Sites not accepting players from the USA

Why block the USA?

We should start this by clearing stating bitcoin gambling in the USA is not illegal from the bettors’s perspective. The rules are complicated though, with each state having different outlooks on crypto and gambling. For example, Texas, Kansas, Tennessee and Montana are all bitcoin friendly states, meaning they’ll be less picky in how money changes hands. Gambling is slowly being legalized across the states, but this will take some time.

The risk is taken on by the operator, hence why so many geo-block the USA. Many sites have received letters warning them of legal action should they continue to offer services to Americans. The threat of having to deal with the US authorities is too great, so most will just block players with US IP addresses.

What happens if I get caught using a VPN?

If you get caught using a VPN on a crypto gambling site which isn’t VPN friendly then your account may be closed and your funds might be confiscated. VPN friendly sites will be ok with this, and you shouldn’t have an issue with them.

We asked customer service agents from various sportsbooks and casinos about this, you can see the answers they gave here, along with the dangers of using a VPN, and the best VPNs to use.

Recommendations for US players

Without VPNWith VPN


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